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Grow within yourself
Change perspective, attitude and bad habits


About Us


 I believe every time you roll out your mat it is a new adventure and opportunity to learn something new and grow within yourself. Yoga inspires to make healthy changes in life. I hope to open that door for you. We are ordinary people struggling with challenges of life. 


Why Yoga?

We do standing poses to strengthen the body.
Balancing poses bring focus to the mind.
Backbends energize and stimulate the body, stretching the front body while strengthening the back body.
Twists aid in cleasing impurities.
Forward bends calm the sympathetic response (fight or flight) of the central nervous system.
Shavasana or relaxation at the end of class nurtures, rest, and recharges. Allowing the body to absorb all of the efforts of your practice. 



 Stress Relief

 Better breathing


 Increase strength

 Improve Circulation


 Inner Peace